Ruth Bader Ginsb爱上海桑拿论坛urg, On Tour With Phish

You know what you need today?

Seth had never been nitpicked by Justice Ginsburg before. But she was right. If he ever wanted to be a good lawyer he’d have to strip unexpressive words like ‘stuff’ from his vocabulary. He needed a Klonopin. Could he buy one from his co-clerk Kate? She was so great and smart and evil爱上海 419桑拿论坛, of course she’d share her anxiety medicine so she could tell the others he’d broke at work.

Seth was too hard on himself, Justice Ginsburg thought. She figured him to be chill like her grandson, but maybe he wasn’t chill. Maybe he wasn’t her favorite clerk. Why didn’t she ask Kate to do this? Kate was so great and smart and chill and wicked but in a fun way.

“I have a whole life outside work people don’t know about,” Justice Ginsburg said. “I love Trey. I love drug bands, all music really. It wasn’t just the opera with Justice Scalia. You know, I used to read Word Up magazine.” Justice Ginsburg smiled at her second favorite clerk.

That is correct, “Is Eight Enough,” Supreme Court fan fiction from Awl pal Luke Mazur, is what you need today. Go and enjoy.

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